The Genesis

There are times in our lives when we feel like God is finally answering our prayers

That time when you receive more than you could possibly imagine

I have lived such time in my life

It all started with me asking

She gave it to me like it’s nothing


Just like that

Zero seven and something

I can’t measure it

It was really big

in my whole life

I had never been that far

With those kinds of ladies anyway

She was more than I can pray for

I remember when I first laid my eyes on her

Her hair

Her eyes

Her skin

It was all perfectly aligned

the true definition of perfection

I had never seen someone like that

Her angelic face

The way she was talking

Poets are nothing compared

Her smartness, almost intimidating

When she got up

Ooh my

« God take me now » Kind of feeling

What a shape


How is that even possible

Up to date, I still can’t believe what I saw

She is beautiful in all imaginable possible way

And there she was

Giving me her number

First prayer answered

Hope coming up

Start feeling like everything is possible

I mean, a man got to take his chances

A text

Calls came in

One lead to another

We found a lot in common

Who would have thought that

I can get to engage in a conversation with such living beauty

That remains among the beautiful day of my whole existence

That’s how all started



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