Papa Vera
2 min readDec 30, 2021


Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

After numerous days

I have finally gathered courage

Courage to come back to Paris

A City where all happened

All I wanted was a time machine

To go back and correct all harm caused

But we both know that was a wish

A wish that will never be exhausted

There I was

On the train to Paris

With million wonders

My biggest wish at the moment was to see you

To see Love smiling at me again

With a troubled mind and thousand questions

A mix of excitement and fear

Thinking of the best possible scenarios

Scenarios that will never happen of course

Reaching there

Met silence at the door

One text after an email and a call

How I miss your laughter

Please talk to me

Tell me that you have moved on

Tell me that you don’t think of me anymore

Tell me anything

Good or bad

But talk to me

Tell me that you’re happy without me

Tell me that you found someone

someone better than I will ever be

Tell me that your heart is in one place

Your soul has been taken care of

Tell me that you’re laying in his arms as we speak

Tell me how much you hate me

How exhausting and disgusting I am

Tell me that all along was a lie

Tell me that you’ve never loved me

Your silence is killing me

Day and night

It’s killing me softly

Tell me anything so that I can sleep

One night sleep

That’s all Am asking for

I know it’s too much given all I took from you

But I’m miserable without you

Without your tenderness

Bitterness are my days and nights

Talk to me LOVE



Papa Vera