La chambre de merveille

Papa Vera
5 min readJun 28, 2022


« You can make anything by writing »- C. S. LEWIS

Champagne avenue

At Midnight in the street,

A place that has been home for over a year now

The priceless avenue in the whole world

I mean, can you tag the 1700’s bottle of champagne

Well, that’s a home of a dozen or more of those

I tried to be spontaneous

Shaking a little bit of my seriousness

Cutting the routine

There I was walking around, playing with myself

Jumping here and there

Touching the trees

And in the midst of those

I surprised myself

wondering what game should I be proposing to play

Soo, I came up with the kissing game

All along the avenue,

We would be playing the kissing game

A game with no rules

Where you can find small and silly reasons to kiss

Whether, it’s a meaningful or meaningless corner

Whether it’s a road sign

Whether you came across an outstanding tree or an unusual one

It’s a really beautiful avenue

It never ceases to amaze me

But it would be even more enjoyable with that exact condition

« The game in the avenue »


I have heard so many good things around there

Back when I was a kid

There was this myth

That when you look up in the sky

Anywhere in Tokyo

You would see TOKYO

UP Well written in the sky

Up to date, a part of me still thinks that maybe

There is a part where you can see Tokyo in the sky

I recently read in the book called « la Chambre de Merveilles »

A wonderful book

There was a whole chapter about Tokyo

That made me like that city even more

The land of the rising sun

The drinks

The view from their skyscrapers

ToKyO does seem to be a good fit on the list


Truth be told, sometimes I feel like Paris owes me one

A lot happened there

Yet still, there was a lot left to be discovered

To be shared

God knows how much Paris has been good to me

I remember, when I first saw the Eiffel Tower

When I first discovered the city of light

It felt like a dream, mostly because of the company

For the first time in a while

The kid in me came out

With an immense joy

What a tremendous view

The following days, months

Little by little

I tried to get a hold of it

But as they say

« Paris is always a good idea »

And a perfect fit for the list

Nothing would make me happier than another day with love in Paris


How about dance for a change

For the love of discovery

Another culture

South American people seem to be nice

Sometimes I wonder

Where does that come from

Their strong belief in God

Their unshakable spirituality

Their love for the dance

Their love for family

Why not go to the root

Where it all started

And where all are still going on

While there

A little salsa dance wouldn’t hurt anyone

Get lost in their outdoors nights

Breathing amazon's oxygen

Puerto Rico would be a nice discovery


I have gone far in life

Places I never thought to see in this lifetime

But, of all those places

Of all those people I meet along the way

Tanzanians have something special

Their bond

Their brotherhoodness

It is as if they all are family

One happy good family

Mwalimu did a good job on that one

Dar es salam was peaceful, joyful, and most of all enjoyable

The sunset over the ocean

A part of me stayed there

Laying on the beach

Waiting for the sun to set over the horizon

My feet in the water

Being cuddled by the waves

I can’t being to imagine what Zanzibar would be

10 times that !!!!!!

Is it even possible to double such kinds of feelings!!!?

Well, the way I have heard of the island

It may be quite possible

But better yet to discover


Some say that Paris is the most romantic city in the whole world

But that seems to be not true

I have heard a lot of good things about Venice

How romantic it is

The walk around the city at any given moment of the day

Their cuisine

All perfectly aligned to help you spread the love

How about Milan and their architect


Shopping mall

The home of texture

And on our way back

Florence and Rome may not be bad for the soul


Well A man gotta dream

I mean, have you ever seen those trains moving around Switzerland’s mountains

It seems to be from another world

So perfectly aligned, so green, almost like a dream

How about a ride with « the one » in those trains

I can see myself contemplating that kind of view while holding a loved one

Sitting in our cabin

Finally living

How about a peaceful night in the cabin

Just the two of us



Feeling all the feels

While cheering to life

To how far we’ve come and how far to go

Making plans for the future

As we exchange our vows

Having that wedding we’ve dreamed of


Home sweet home

Wouldn’t it be nice to show me around your city like we once talked about it?!!

In the past life

I would love nothing but to have that date over the sun with you

To feel what you felt

To see what you saw

To set foot where you grew up

To see the world through your lens

I believe it would be a wonderful experience

And vice versa

Showing you my city like I only can do

Better yet, introducing you to my family

And where I grew up

Telling you the story of my life

I can’t begin to imagine how proud they would be of me

How happy it can make them


I have to admit

This one is for when all of these are over

When we have finally made it in life

When the Oscar has been won

When we are financially free

When all our projects are well running

When we have watched that Christmas movie under the cover while it’s snowing outside

When we have had a place on our own

A home

A family


Joyous hearts

A call for celebration

The One for the ages



Papa Vera