Financial freedom

Papa Vera
2 min readNov 13, 2021


Dar es salam

Many of us are looking for that time in our lives

A time where we can actually say those magic words

« I’m financially free »

What if it was not a stage to reach

What if it was a state, a feeling

On and off

I remember back in the days

There was this day

It was about 11 and a half in the night

I had been hustling all-day

My day was better than the day before

I had gained triple of the usual

On top of that

It was after a full-time internship day

There I was

A proud man

Happy of my harvest

In the middle of the night

Wondering whether I ate or not

In my pocket, I had some

I could afford whatever that can fill my stomach

I felt like I can buy anything

With just so little, when I think of it now

I felt freedom

Above all else

In that blink of a second

I felt like money is not the problem anymore

I still get those feelings

Sometimes in the grocery stores

At the ATMs

In Bars

Here and there

It does come and go

In my humble opinion

I think that how it is

And it always will be



Papa Vera