Papa Vera
2 min readAug 3, 2022


it’s not top ten nor five

nor in order

but if you’re into books

or interested in something good

here is my story

after my undergraduate studies

I found myself with a lot of time and energy at hand

sadly, that was it

time and energy

with no job or any other occupations

years went by

when all you have is time

a day can seem like a month

imagine a whole year

staying at home

all day, every day

but I had hope

hope, for better days to come

days that happened to be far unreachable

one day, like any other day

I went to visit someone who was once a brother

(that’s a story for another day)

there was this book by a Rwandan author

  • « Inyenzi ou les cafards »- Scholastique Mukasonga

the woman in the novel happens to be of the same generation as my mother

same origin

I’m speaking in terms of region

we all are Rwandese

the novel did speak to me in ways

I can’t put it into words

she is originally from Byumba same as my grandparents

she and her family were strongly forced to go and get eaten by Tsetse in Nyamata

once again, same as my mum’s family

within that book

I understood the untold story of my roots

the atrocity that my family went through

not that I didn’t know

but some other details

that connected the dots

and that’s how I found myself into books

that was the first into many others and many more to come

that being said

I highly recommend these books below

the order doesn’t matter

  1. « Le bon Dieu voyage toujours incognito »- Laurent Gounelle
  2. « The alchemist »- Paulo Coelho
  3. « les quatre accords toltèques »- Miguel Ruiz
  4. « le coeur en dehors »- Samuel Benchetrit
  5. « Ta deuxième commence quand to comprends que tu n’en as qu’une »- Raphaelle Giordano
  6. « Rich dad pour dad » -Robert Kiyosaki
  7. « la chambre des merveilles »- Julien Sandrel
  8. « la liste de mes envies »- Grégoire Delacourt
  9. « Leçons de vie »- Elisabeth Kubler Ross, David Kessler
  10. « Tu comprendras quand tu seras plus grande »- Virginie Grimaldi
  11. « l’étranger »- Albert Camus
  12. « 99 francs »-Frédéric Beigbeder
  13. « le pouvoir du moment présent »- Eckhart Tolle
  14. « Hippie »- Paulo Coelho
  15. « the winner stands alone »- Paulo Coelho

hope you enjoy them

Goog bye now



Papa Vera