Love is real

Her name is Sylvie

Love in person

The true definition of beauty

The inspiration of courage

A perfect example of what humanity can look like

She is truly a role model

I’m proud of her in so many ways

we did date for some time

A time that can’t be mesured in time

A time that can only be described as magic

I’m honored

It is with sorrow that am writing this

Good bye Sylvie

Good bye Love



Love is a good thing

Love is so powerful

Love, when used right, it can take you places

Places you have never thought you can go

Go to life

A life that can heal all the wound

wound from the past life

A life that went as it ought to

When touched by love

All things start to make senses

Even the little ones

Like leaning on you while on the bus

Watching a loved one sleep

Sitting together on the floor

Talking, oh this one is my favorite

Every word comes out with peace

Every touch feels like God’s fabric

Every eye contact direct you to the soul

Every moment comes with a surprise

Everything starts to make sense

God’s masterpiece